Structural Equation Modeling in HCI Research using SEMinR

A CHI 2023 course

Welcome to the course website for the SEM in HCI course at CHI 2023. The course will be held virtually on April 18th from 3pm CET (when in my timezone?) until 8pm CET.

The course costs 75 USD + 19% VAT.

Course content

This course is an introduction to PLS-SEM for HCI researchers and practitioners that are interested in a streamlined and robust way to work with human data. PLS-SEM will be taught using the open-source SEMinR R package. We will lay out why PLS-SEM might be interesting for your research and how to construct and test a model in SEMinR.

What is a structural equation model?

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Why should I take this course?

PLS-SEM or partial least squares structural equation modelling is a powerful method to build and test models for your data. This method allows the researcher to simultaneously test the validity of their measurement instrument (e.g., the survey) and the relationship between model variables, e.g., perceptions, attitudes, and behavior. A further advantage is that PLS-SEM is comparatively robust to small samples and non-parametric data, both issues that often occur in HCI research.

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Is this course for me?

The intended audiences of the course are: Academic researchers including Masters and doctoral students as well as industry researchers that are interested in thoroughly understanding their users including the users’ motivations and behavior.

Who will be my teachers?

The course will be taught by André Calero Valdez, Lilian Kojan, Nicholas Danks and Soumya Ray. The instructors include key authors, maintainers, and contributors of the SEMinR package.

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